Important Summer Health Tips for Seniors

Important Summer Health Tips for Seniors

When it comes to older adult health, you really need to take specific steps to deal with every season. For the summer months, the hot weather can pose some serious dangers that Professional Senior Care Providers should be aware of in order to keep seniors safe and healthy.

High temperatures outside can turn a home into a hotbox even with the means to regulate the climate level accordingly. Seniors are unable to adjust as quickly as they once could when there are major changes in the heat level. As a result, older adults can suffer the worst symptoms of heat-related illnesses. Some of the worst days in the dead of summer can pose major health hazards that could result in a tragic outcome.

So, let’s review some of the most common summer health tips for seniors and make sure that these hotter months are not a danger to their well-being.

The hot weather can be miserable for anyone, young and old. But in the case of the latter, elevated heat temperatures are particularly dangerous. Senior citizens’ bodies can’t adjust to drastic shifts in temperature as efficiently as they once did and that makes it even more important to monitor their condition when the thermometer rises.

Seniors are far more susceptible to suffering the symptoms of heat-related illness and taking the necessary precautions to avoid these maladies can make all the difference.

Keep Drinking Fluids

Water is a great way to stay hydrated but other drinks that are high in electrolytes can rehydrate the body with total efficacy. Seniors can become dehydrated in a short period of time, profuse sweating robs the body of essential nutrients like sodium and potassium and when we are low on these things, we don’t feel well.

Sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade have plenty of these elements and they are ideal for keeping the body hydrated in extremely warm environments.


There are some medications that can make seniors become dehydrated. Unfortunately, this is a necessary side effect to a prescribed drug that is essential for an older adult to age healthily. If these drugs are taken in hot temperatures, it could be an issue. So be sure you know which prescriptions have this side effect and take precautions.

Keep Cool

Whether the senior has a fully functioning HVAC system or just some fans, good air flow is vital to staying cool. Air ventilation should always be available to allow for circulation through the home and if an air conditioner is available, use it. Fans are less help because they just blow around warm air, a senior can manage the heat much more effectively when the home is cooled down.

Dress Light

The type of clothing an older adult wears is critical to their comfort. Lightweight fabrics in lighter colors is recommended over any thicker materials that are dark and might absorb the heat a lot easier. Dress appropriately for the weather outside and it will go a long way towards staying healthy in the summer.