First step toward parental happiness with ADONIS

First step toward parental happiness with ADONIS

The path which leads to the parental experience may be difficult and winding because of different factors – fertility problems are the main ones.

Surrogacy treatment using IVF procedure is the right choice to overcome reproductology diseases and enjoy the beautiful process of baby birth.

ADONIS Fertility International as the medical establishment of world level quality provides the variety of approaches that help people from the whole world.

ADONIS Surrogacy choice

Surrogacy Infertility treatment is one of the directions which are constantly developed and improved. Together with the whole medical society, ADONIS is always tweaking the latest innovations to implement them in the treatment process and reach even better results.

ADONIS clinics are renowned for their individual approach and well-developed treatment process. Let’s clear out the main advantages you can profit:

  •  Technological basis 

The newest technological basis of ADONIS Fertility International includes the variety of medical services that can be used by our patients. ADONIS own examination laboratory, ADONIS own Embryo laboratory, ADONIS own Surrogate database, ADONIS own Maternity Hospitals and many others. All of these establishments are developed with the latest innovations that improve lives.

  • Price-formation 

ADONIS Fertility International provides the highest quality infertility treatment while maintaining affordable price-formation. Our Surrogacy Programs cost ranges from $40 931 to $70 000, which depends on your personal request. The chosen Surrogacy program includes Surrogate mother selection cost  from the ADONIS own Surrogate database with only the best candidates.

  • All-around care

In addition to medical highest qualification, ADONIS Infertility Treatment Programs include all-around care and support throughout the whole period of staying in the clinic. Variety of non-medical services include transfer and accommodation support, translation and notarization help, ADONIS own Legal Department services, 24/7 concierge service, and even recommendations for pleasant evening or excursion planning.

  • Individual approach 

Infertility treatment process in ADONIS is totally personalized. We select options and sequence of actions to reach the best results by way of beautiful baby birth. ADONIS specialists develop successful treatment plans according to the patient’s examination results, individual specificities or intolerance, requests and wishes.

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies is the most trustworthy medical establishment with more than 23 years of experience in the area of reproductive technologies and other fields.

Surrogacy infertility treatment tends to be the one of the most successful 

ADONIS Programs. There several aspects which ensure your confidence: 

  • Total health of the Surrogate (from the ADONIS own Surrogate database with approved candidates)
  • Professional control over each step of the Surrogate Program
  • All-around support for the Intended parents and the Surrogate
  • Immediate help in case of emergency on ADONIS own technological basis

Choose the best treatment in the sphere of Reproductology from ADONIS clinics. Surrogate cost and Surrogacy Programs prices are really affordable for everyone who is ready to start a new life.