Signs of Poor Mental Health

Signs of Poor Mental Health

Along with physical fitness, mental fitness is a crucial component of overall health. You might know that increasing cases of depression and anxiety disorder are due to mental illness. Mental illness is strongly associated with serious physical diseases, e.g., stroke, and Type 2 diabetes. Mental health keeps on changing with time, depending upon the environment. Sometimes, people tend to compromise their mental health to accomplish many things, but if we want to have continuous success in life like Dartanyon A. Williams we need to prioritize taking care of ourselves.

Consequences of Poor Mental Health

It is threatening to know that about one in five adults has mental illness in the US. Studies have found that 51.5 million people were affected by mental disorders in 2019. Mental health greatly influences the thinking ability of an individual. The way they interact, emote and live their life might be the consequence of poor mental health. One of the dire consequences of poor mental conditions is loss of productivity. Poor mental health adversely affects the productivity of individuals. The global economy sees a loss of US$ 1 trillion every year due to the lack of productivity associated with mental illness.

Reasons Behind Poor Mental Health

Human rights and mental health policies are highly impactful in the cases of mental health. Social, psychological, and biological factors highly impact the mental condition of individuals. But we all know that it is possible to prevent having mental health issues, we just need to balance our personal life, our career like how Dartanyon Williams is managing his life, and avoid the situation that might give you too much stress. There might be numerous reasons which are interlinked with mental health. These are given as follows.

  • Domestic or sexual violence
  • Consistent socio-economic stress and pressure
  • Unfavorable social change
  • Improper working condition
  • Social exclusion
  • Discrimination based on gender, color, or religion.
  • Poor lifestyle
  • Physical unfitness
  • Violation of any human rights

Major Symptoms

Mental health problems can happen commonly to anyone, but it is preventable. Over time, people with mental disorders recover from illness and live a better life. You shouldn’t let mental illness ruin your normal life. But most people aren’t sure about their mental condition. We’ve simplified it by listing the early warning signs of poor health conditions that may lead to mental disorders.

  1. Sleeping right soothes your mind and body after doing all your daily activities. Sleeping too much or little is the primary sign of a mental problem. When a person starts to feel overtired with low energy even after taking sufficient rest, he may develop mental illness.
  2. Extreme mood changes implicate that your mind is not stable with the current situation around you. The person with illness sometimes appears to be excessively aggressive or violent.
  3. Fears and worries are normal feelings for any individual. But the excess feeling of fear and worry for a long time is a concerning issue. The person may also feel detached from the current situation.
  4. A major change in eating habits can be the primary indication of poor mental health. People with mental disorders may switch to intoxication.
  5. Thinking ability is also adversely impacted by poor mental conditions. Suicidal thinking is way too dangerous. Due to their mindset, people may find themselves incapable of dealing with daily problems.


When we are mentally fit, we can consume our full potential to accomplish any task. Mental health is your own social and personal resource that continuously inspires you to give your best. But mental health problems can intimidate individuals of any age group. It is better to examine those issues with early symptoms to avoid future consequences.