Health and sports supplements: the best match

Health and sports supplements: the best match

Consider how important post-workout sports nutrition is to an athlete. It has been scientifically proven that during training, catabolic processes are activated in muscle fibers. These are the processes of decomposition of Snac complex substances into simple components. During training, protein is broken down in the muscles for energy, and the muscle fibers themselves, being under stress, receive many micro traumas.

Recovery of the body

To restore the body after training, in order to restore the spent reserves, you need a full range of nutrients. Food and sports nutrition will help close the anabolic window. This is why it is so important to eat after exercise.

Sports nutrition for recovery

There are a lot of sports nutrition on the market today. These are creatine, gainer, casein, amino acids and much more. Consider sports nutrition for muscle recovery after exercise, allowing you to quickly fill the lack of nutrients:


It is a protein-carbohydrate mixture. A gainer is a good way to cover the body’s need for proteins and carbohydrates, stabilize the disturbed metabolism of the body, and quickly restore the spent energy. Due to the excess of carbohydrates, it is usually used by athletes exercising for weight gain, since carbohydrates significantly increase the total calorie content of the diet. An important bonus: the carbohydrates in the gainer increase the absorption of protein. A gainer can be high in carbohydrates or proteins. For post-workout recovery, a carbohydrate gainer is better. Depending on the mixture chosen and body weight, you will need from 50 to 90 g.


It is a non-essential amino acid produced by the body itself. With food, a person receives very little creatine. The athlete, on the other hand, needs such quantities of this amino acid that he can never get from food. And if an athlete decides to purchasecreatine, what are the benefits? What is its use? Creatine provides muscles with additional energy, increases performance, and also retains fluid in muscle cells, which stimulates their recovery and growth. Is taken after training in the amount of 3-5 g.


It is an amino acid found in protein that stimulates the growth of muscle fibers. Also, glutamine is a source of energy and inhibits catabolic processes in the body. Heavy training dramatically depletes glutamine stores and erodes your immune system. To accelerate muscle recovery and support immune cells during this challenging period, take 3-5 grams post-workout.