Snacking Recommendations for Your Workout Routine

Snacking Recommendations for Your Workout Routine

A workout can often be hard to get through just because of the strain it puts on our bodies. Having a healthy snack before and after a workout can help give our bodies the fuel it requires to keep pushing ourselves to our limits, and beyond. What are some of the best pre and post-workout snacks to bring along to the gym? Herbalife Nutrition took a look at the current contenders, and we also have some tips on snacking around your workout in general.

Pre-Workout Snack

There is nothing quite as helpful for your pre-workout snack as something loaded with healthy carbohydrates. It is important to eat something easy to digest in the pre-workout phase. You don’t want your body to expend too much energy digesting when you know that you are about to start a workout. Instead, go with a lean protein that doesn’t have any or a lot of fat in it.

A great choice that checks all of the boxes here is Greek yogurt with berries, and so are pieces of fruit or whole-grain toast with jam. These options, as well as Herbalife Nutrition’s wide variety of protein bars and shakes, are great for fueling your body before you hit the gym.

Post-Workout: Repair and Recover

After your workout, we highly recommend taking the time to repair and recover from the activity that you just did. Your body needs time to heal itself and get back to regular functioning. This is simply a core tenant of working out. Try to make sure you allow adequate time to get your body back into fully-functioning form.

Low-fat chocolate milk has become a popular staple of the post-workout beverage. You might also consider one of Herbalife’s protein shakes, or a fruit and Greek yogurt smoothie. Any of these could be a great way to give your body the appropriate forms of energy it needs to start to repair and smooth things out.

Avoid Distractions While Snacking

Pay attention while you are eating, even if it is a snack. Don’t let your snack be interrupted by television, your phone, your laptop, or any other of a host of distractions that pop up. Those who snack while singularly focused on their snack tend to report a more satisfying experience, and that is what you want to get out of it. You want to feel full and prepare your mind for your workout.

Try Not to Cave to Tasty Treats

The workout snack market is flooded with companies that offer enticing but ultimately useless treats. Companies market these items well and try to convince you that they would be great for your workout, but the truth is that they will not, and you will sabotage yourself by choosing them. Instead, stick to what science tells us is the smartest way to snack for a workout, and you will be well on your way towards a more productive workout.