5 Important Dental Health Tips for When You Travel

5 Important Dental Health Tips for When You Travel

You’ve been planning this trip for months, some much needed time away from all of the demands and responsibilities that make up your everyday life. But this isn’t a free pass to forget all about your dental health. Even when you travel, you need to remember to brush and floss your teeth in the same manner you would at home.

Don’t put your healthy smile at risk all because you’ve decided to let go and have fun. Your teeth are important and a few days of neglect could lead to months of dental health issues. Don’t take chances with your mouth, avoid gum disease, bad breath, and the potential for cavities by taking keeping these five important dental health tips in mind as you relax and enjoy your time away from it all, no matter where that may take you!

1. Keep Your Gear Close

When we say “gear” we’re talking about all of the dental health essentials: your toothbrush, your toothpaste, your floss, maybe a small container of mouthwash. It’s a good idea to have all of these things within arm’s reach so you can brush after every meal. Whether you’re in the car on a road trip or you’re in that airport terminal waiting on a delayed flight, your dental essentials are never far away and you can clean your teeth wherever and whenever you need to.

2. In-Flight Cleaning

When you make up your pack of dental health supplies and you’re planning to travel by plane for a few hours, you should throw that pack in your carry-on. You’re going to get hungry on the flight or, at the very least, enjoy some of those in-flight beverages. You’ll want to brush in the air so bring a small, TSA-approved travel size tube of toothpaste along with your brush and floss. Maybe take a 3.4 oz tube of mouthwash while you’re at it.

3. Avoid Travel Case Storage

We’ve all used them before thinking they’re the best option for keeping a toothbrush free and clear of bacteria. But a storage case is more likely to allow bacteria to breed instead of preventing it from developing in the bristles of your brush. Most of them have little to no ventilation for allowing air flow to get in. That’s imperative for avoiding bacteria.

4. See Your Dentist First

Always handle any dental problems before you leave town. Toothaches or other pressing dental issues should be addressed so you’re not facing a serious dental emergency in a strange city. If you’re worried about any potential problems that could arise, make an appointment with your dentist in cary nc, and get that clean bill of health ahead of your departure.

5. Don’t Change A Thing

You’ve established a positive dental health regimen in your everyday life. Don’t alter it all because you’re on vacation. Continue to brush and floss at your normal intervals and remember to be careful about the foods and drinks you consume to help lower your risk of cavities. Stick with your current routine, you’ll be much better off.