Why is Marijuana Not Getting Me High?

Why is Marijuana Not Getting Me High?

Are you smoking weed yet not getting high? There are high chances you are getting frustrated. Give it a rest. Read this article to understand why you are not getting high.

Some of the reasons you are failing to get high from the cannabis include;

  • You are a first-timer 

When consuming weed for the first time you are likely not to get high. Several first-time users before have reported not getting high. If you are looking to get high then you have to keep on trying several times.

There are various possible reasons why you will fail to get high on your first trial. The first theory is that the naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors in the body take time to activate the cannabinoid from external sources like marijuana.

The other reason for not getting high can be that you aren’t smoking correctly. You might not understand how to inhale correctly when smoking. As such, research on how best to smoke before trying for the first time or ask your dispensary for guidance.

The psychological setup is another reason you aren’t getting high on the first trial. Thinking too much about getting high blocks your mental receptors hence hinders you from feeling the high experience.

  • Bad weed quality 

The weed quality you consume determines if you get high or not. A high-quality weed will get you high quickly. For low-quality weed, you will have to consume a lot of it before starting to get high.

If you are looking to get high anytime you consume weed then you have to understand how to identify the quality weed. One of the aspects to look for in the weed to determine quality is the presence of seeds. Any weed with too much seed is low quality.

A high-quality weed is sticky on the hand due to the resin content. It also has a strong and pungent smell on the buds.

For assured quality, purchase your weed from a certified dispensary in Denver. The dispensaries measure THC content for the assured outcome.

  • Medical condition 

Weed use for medical purposes is one of the reasons for its popularity. However, not everyone can use it successfully. Some people have medical conditions that block them from experiencing the feeling of being high.

Scientists have struggled to establish the exact reason why such conditions manifest in some people. So far, one study has established the presence of pregnenolone as a hormone that acts as a TCH blocker. More studies are still ongoing.

  • High tolerance 

The more you take marijuana, the more your body becomes tolerant. It reaches where you won’t feel high no matter how much marijuana you consume. At this point, you might need to take a break before resuming when the tolerance lowers.

If you are tolerant to a single strain then you can switch up the strains.

Final thoughts 

Consuming marijuana without feeling high is quite frustrating. There are various things to try when not getting high like eating mangoes, trying edibles, dabbing, and adding a little bit of tobacco to the mix.