A Quick Guide to Dealing with Tired Eyes

A Quick Guide to Dealing with Tired Eyes

Have you blown away a lot of your hard-earned money on different products to treat your tired eyes? Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. Thousands of people all over the world, both men and women, are dealing with this common problem. There are a variety of factors that may have an impact on your eyes, such as stress, your sleeping habits, genetics and the aging process. You will find numerous products claiming to help in resolving the issue of dark circles, hollows under the eyes, lines and wrinkles or even drooping eyes, but none of them work.

So, what can you do? If you are faced with this dilemma, this 3 step guide to fighting tired eyes just might be the answer you need:

  • Caffeine

The first thing you should do is get caffeinated. Why? The dark circles or bags under the eyes are usually because of pooling of blood and caffeine can counter this issue because it constricts the blood vessels. You can also get rid of puffiness this way.

  • Peptides

Put simply, peptides are made up of amino acids and when they get in formation, they will create proteins. How does this help? Proteins work as the building blocks of skin and formulas rich in peptides can fill out the skin and thicken it, which improves the appearance of fine lines and dark circles over time.

  • Hyaluronic acid

When your skin becomes dehydrates and dry, the fine lines on your skin are made more obvious. Similarly, hollows may also far under the eyes that don’t do any good to your appearance. If you are looking for a quick and easy fix, hyaluronic acid fillers are available that can be injected right into these hollows. The beauty of doing so is that this will provide the volume you need to have youthful looking eyes.